Mr. Mokum: van Amsterdammers, voor Amsterdammers

Tattoo Studio

Tinta Hitam (Reza):

I am a born and raised Amsterdammer.
Around 1996 I started my apprenticeship in the old-skool way. Originally I am a graffiti artist, which led to the switch to tattooing. In addition to tattoos, I still create murals upon request and host graffiti workshops.

The styles that suit me the most are:

-Black and gray
-Polynesian inspired tribal 


Ganon (Evangelos):
I am Ganon, 30 years old and originally from Greece. Ever since I was little I have been drawing and sketching a lot, my background is video-game designing and programming it. Since the age of 18 I have been a regular customer in tattoo studios which made me develop a love for this form of art. I started tattooing in 2017.

The styles that suit me the most are:

-New skool


Srok (Marinos):
My name is Srok and I am originally from Greece. In Greece I attended art school. Starting out as a graffiti artist, this created the switch to becoming a tattoo artist. Murals and painting is something I still do besides tattoos.

The styles that suit me the most are:

-Brush stroke color tattoos
-Black and gray realism


Double D (Didi):
I grew up in Doetinchem but have been living in Amsterdam for over 14 years.
Drawing and painting is what I have been doing all my life, and painting my aunt's scooter and drawing on people made me want to make the switch to tattooing. I still do a lot of painting and drawing as it continues to be a passion of mine.
In 2015, I started my apprenticeship under the guidance of my uncle who works as a tattoo artist in Hawaii and the U.S.

The styles that suit me the most are:

-Fine line


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